Monday, March 7, 2011

We are chosen

Song(s) :
Praise to the Lord
Amazing Grace
Such love
You laid aside Your majesty

Passage(s) : Ephesians 1 : 3 - 11

Reading :
John 14 : 1 - 7

Not one of us is worthy to save ourselves, we are even worst than the prodigal son!

God is Holy, we are sinners. There is an enormous gap between us & God.

Eph 1 : 3 - 11
- Even before the world was made, He has chosen us. He knows everything, nothing could surprise Him. He wants us. God doesn't want anyone to die without knowing Him but because man has freewill, it is our choice... We play no part in wanting God. We are chosen to be His.
- "that we should be holy and without fault"
-> Isn't it amazing that we who are sinners could be holy?
- "Because of His love" - we are son and daughter. We are a family! Nothing is closer than a family. But it comes with a price and that is the death of Christ on the cross to complete His Father's plan.
- "His pleasure & purpose" from the acceptance of His gift
- "every spiritual blessings" - Nothing is help back. Though we do not comprehend what it is like.
- Our response to His blessing. "Praise Him for His glorious grace" It's a free gift to us... and undeserved. But it was worth it.
- John 14 : 6 "I am the way"
- 'Confirms' what the price was. Blood is important to God. It enables God to forgive sin.
- The grace of God - "Lavish on us", there is no holding back. He gives us the best!
- "A secret plan" "The mystery of His will"
- "When the time is right" bringing all of creation together. God knows when is the right timing. Everything will happen at the right time.
- There is a guarantee on us that we will get what God gives us.
- "Sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise" A stamp of ownership. We are Sons through what Jesus has done through our Union with Christ.

Date : 6 September 2009
Speaker :

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