Friday, March 4, 2011

Be Heavenly Minded

Song(s) :
In heavenly love abiding
Will your anchor hold
Who can cheer the heart

Passage(s) : Hebrews 11 : 24 - 28

A believer shouldn't be a "man of the world"
- They can only love God or the world. Not both.
Things of the world are not wrong but it gets wrong when the things of the world become more important than God.
When we are "heavenly minded" then only we could be of use to the earthly world.
- We could bring the good news to man.

Heb 11 : 24 - 28 - What faith could do in our lives

Moses, a heavenly minded person who forsake the privilege of the world
> v24
- Abandon his status (Son of Pharoah's daughter)
- Turn his back on status / importance.
- Acts 7 : 25
> v25
- Surrendered pleasure, embracing affliction.
- Decided the pleasure for sin wasn't for him.
- The pleasure for sin last a season, the pleasure for God last forever.
- Suffering will come to us. It is part and parcel of a Christian life.
> v26
- Surrendered richness / wealth.
- Moses considered carefully and decided that the richness of Christ is worth more than the richness of Egypt.
- "esteeming" - consider carefully.
- prepared to embrace disgrace for the better choice.
- Heaven changes our view.
- eg. Climbing a mountain, we struggle to climb up but in the end, once we reach the peak, we receive our reward, the wonderful view of the surrounding.
> v27
- His trust in God removed his fear of the king / pharoah.
> v28
- By faith be prepared for judgement.
- He believed God will do what He said.
- Moses was concerned with others.

Moses, a man who look at the world from the heavenly point of view <- We should be like him

Date : 16 August 2009
Speaker : Neil Osborne

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