Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Song(s) :
I stand amazed in the presence
Child in the manger, infant of Mary
Lord of all hopefulness, Lord of all joy

Passage : Hebrews 12 : 14 - 15

Bitterness = Anger x Time
- It is something that lurks beneath the surface
- It can we something that we dwell on it and it gets worst

" He would crush me with a storm and multiply my wounds for no reason. He would not let me regain my breath buy would overwhelm me with misery."
Job 9 : 17 - 18

In Job, it is seen that things started off well, went down but ended well when Job drew back to God

Bitterness comes from us turning away from God.

Hebrews 12 : 15
Deuteronomy 12 : 18
- To be bitter means we have turned away from God

Bitterness affects/infects others - It causes great tragedy.

How to avoid being bitter?

1. Pray before the panic
- Not to be tempted to be bitter when things are going back
- Be faithful to God before and after a crisis
- Daniel - The king was affected by the bitterness of the official and signed the petition
- Daniel did not panic but did what he usually does. He prayed with the windows open
- Godliess comes out of a daily habit. It can't be switched on.

2. Doctrine before disaster
- Knowing it will bring us out of trouble
- Proverbs - Wise and prudent gives us knowledge
- Christianity is not a Disney Christianity where everything ends well
- 1 Peter 4 : 12 - Fiery trials - It will come to you
- Don't think it's strange - It's not unusual
- We are not exempted from difficulties
- True believers will be helped through it

3. Give thanks before tragedy
- Ephesians 5 : 20 - Giving thanks always
- Thank God for the apparent good and the apparent bad - Both are from God for His purposes
- Everything that comes from Gos is good
- Job - we receive good and evil
- Good is the will of the Lord

Bitterness causes an energy sapping result in our lives. There is much danger in keeping things in our minds.

"I know I should not..." - Commit all to God. Let Him work.

Jesus was never bitter for all that happened to Him in His life.

1. Hunted life
- He came as a king, being hunted down and hunted by men
- Religious people - Envy of Him
- Political people - Thought he wanted something of herod
- There was an implacable hatred against Jesus
- Isaiah - Man of sorrow

2. Happy life
- Jesus was glad / had joy
- There was great joy. Being delighted with the work of God going on in people's life
- Be of good cheer > The joy of the Lord > Reasons not to be bitter
- People wanted to draw near to Jesus to experience good cheer / joy

3. Helpful life
- Going about doing good
- Helped in soul - Dealt with body and sins
- Helped diseased / lepers / despised / incurable woman / the difficult people / dead
- When did He helped? At the end of the day
- Jesus welcomed all at all times
- He was moved with compassion

Jesus was Hounded / Hunted > Happy > Helpful
- Never once did He became bitter

Date : 16 January 2011
Speaker : Neil Osborne

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